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Serving our community at a Habitat for Humanity build in Fort Worth.
Stewardship & Fellowship


Holy Apostles' Men in Service (HAMS) are very active in the life of our parish. We gather generally once a month (usually the third Saturday) for an early morning breakfast meeting at the church. We serve up a mean breakfast! We plan our upcoming events and coordinate what needs the church has that we can help solve whether they be building-related issues, outreach contributions, fund-raising, or whatever the consensus may be.

Some of or HAMS serving the parish.


Holy Apostles Youth (HAY) are are an active group of young people currently meeting for fellowship and outreach. HAY is currently led by Tracey Mince.

Holy Apostles Youth Sunday School meets at 9:00 a.m. Watch the church bulletin and emails for breaking news about youth events.

Some of our HAYS on a field trip.

Parish Life

Parish Life Commission members are responsible for meeting visitors and making them feel welcome. Members plan events that encourage parishioners to be involved in all aspects of the life of the church. The commission members, with participation of the entire congregation, provide meals for such events as the weekly Lenten Suppers, Bishop’s Annual Visit, church picnics, funeral receptions, and much more. The commission also works closely with the HAMS and HAYS on planning special events.


Fellowship and food go hand in hand at Holy Apostles.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is about helping others to help themselves through meaningful talk and prayer. Stephen Ministers work with those who are in need of assistance and a friend. Care receivers are visited once a week. Ministers, after much training, are approved by the church rector. Care receivers are selected by Stephen Leaders and approved by the rector. They are usually members of our church. Each is considered a most important member of our church family. Partnerships are maintained until the problem or situation no longer exists. This relationship is confidential and is not discussed with anyone but those involved. It is truly a ministry of presence.

Contact Fr. Joel if you would like more information about this ministry.

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