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Resources for Morning & Evening Prayer

by David Mince

A few years ago, I decided to take up saying Morning Prayer for Lent.  This seemed simple enough, and, as a convert to Anglicanism, I thought it would be a helpful discipline and a good introduction to the Daily Offices.

I quickly learned that I was not smart enough or patient enough to figure out what I was supposed to do from the Book of Common Prayer.  Trying to find the right readings ends up feeling like a juggling act.  

So, I turned to my smartphone and found that people way smarter than myself had come up with some solutions to the frustration.  Here are some of the many resources that are out there.


St. Bede's Breviary

This is my favorite.  It allows you to choose which Prayer Book (1979, 1928, etc.) and which Rite you want, along with numerous other options to get it just to your taste.  Then you can save your preferences so it remembers them every day.  The mobile version works very well on my tablet, too.

The Mission of St. Clare

This is probably the most popular Daily Office resource.   They provide many, many options to customize your prayers.  They also have an app available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Church of the Incarnation

This church is a member of our own Diocese and located in Bryan/College Station.  This is a wonderful tool especially if you want to experience the 2019 Book of Common Prayer from the ACNA.  Not as many options as St. Bede's, but much easier to read.  I will occasionally use this one when I'm in a big hurry:  the "Abbreviated" Morning Prayer option can easily be said in under five minutes when you are late for work.

Smartphone Apps

Besides the Mission of St. Clare apps, there are several others I have found in the iPhone App Store.  You might want to check them out.  Some provide the Offices in very readable ways, and others use different sources you I found interesting to check out like the Australian BCP.

2019 ACNA

Traditional Language Daily Office


This is what Fr. Joel use at Holy Apostles for Morning and Evening Prayer.

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