Link to Photos of Our Parish

Link to Photos of Our Parish
Click HERE to open a new window to visit PictureThisChurch, a SmugMug photo website maintained by a member of Holy Apostles.

There you will find a scrolling slideshow of selected photos followed by a gallery called Church of the Holy Apostles. With that click you will be taken to a page filled with photo galleries in reverse chronological order (most recent photos at the top).

You will find many, many photos capturing our life as a Parish in worship, service, and fellowship.

You will discover that this Smugmug site is ad free and membership free for the visitor. You will be able to hover over a photo and save it at full resolution or lower. You can, therefore, make prints of photos with your own preferred method and without giving any personal information to Smugmug.
Individuals are not "tagged" and if identified in a gallery title, it is with their permission.