There is no Bible Study on Wednesday of this week, as Fr. Joseph is on vacation with his family this week.


It never ceases to amaze how the Lord uses the unusual to fulfill his purpose.  Recently there were 2,000 Christian refugees trapped in the jungle of Myanmar and with a river blocking their path to safety.  What did our Lord do but call in the elephants! These desperate and weary people were transported to safety by the gentle beasts and their generous farmer/owners.  Let us thank God for this most unusual rescue and bless the farmers, and maybe the elephants!  Also pray that Aung San Suu Kyi will stop the persecution of both the Christians and the Muslims.


Your vestry will soon complete the Emergency Preparedness Plan Please take note of these important features so you can be prepared!  The following is not the entire plan, but a few important reminders.  and will distribute and post in multiple places.

¨ All Fire extinguishers have been clearly marked throughout the facility

¨ First Aid kits have been updated and can be found: Kitchen, Godly Play, Nursery, Ladies restroom, Sanctuary

¨ North Transept, South Transept, West wall of Teen Room, West wall near Kitchen, West wall near drinking fountains, Narthex entry doors, South entry doors  Know where the nearest EXIT is!

¨ In case of Fire, exit the building as quickly as possible and make your way to the South Parking lot, as far away from the building as possible, preferably into the grassy area and away from Emergency vehicular traffic

¨ Ladies restroom, storage closet west of kitchen, vesting sacristy, office areas away from windows.  These areas of the church are the interior rooms:  In case of Tornado, go to the nearest enclosed room, away from glass and outside walls.

We will continue to update you and provide you with our final Emergency Preparedness Plan.