Outreach (Beyond Our Walls)

Outreach (Beyond Our Walls)
The following are brief descriptions of some of the ways in which we, as a parish, reach out beyond our walls locally, regionally and internationally.

Angel Tree Project helps a local elementary school provide Christmas gifts to students and their families, identified by the school as being in need. These families have fallen through the cracks of other assistance programs. Each child receives three gifts, two clothing and one toy. In addition, the church provides each family with a gift card for groceries.

Prison Ministry based on the Kairos retreat and adapted to a Texas State Prison. It is a 3.5 day “retreat” every 6 months for 42 inmates within the prison itself. It is designed to offer spiritual renewal to inmates within small group communities. Closing ceremonies are performed twice a year on Sunday afternoon and cookies are welcome for these. An annual Christmas Party is also held and parishioners are able to attend this event.
La Gran Familia Orphanage was founded over ten years ago through the vision of Fr. Gregory David Spinks. Based in Cuautemoc, Mexico, the goal of La Gran Familia is to rescue children from the vices and insecurities of the streets and to provide them with improved living conditions, quality of life and a vision of opportunity and hope for the future. http://www.lagranfamilia.info/

Centurion Partner Program provides parishioners an opportunity to contribute to the support of  Fr. Connex Nyirenda of St. Peter's Parish in Chombe, Malawi, Africa, in our companion diocese, the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi. We also support Bishop Fanuel Magangani, the Diocese of Northern Malawi, and Fr. Connex through prayer. http://www.nmalawianglican.org/
Ronald McDonald House. The parish collects tabs from cans to support the operations of Ronald McDonald House.

San Miguel Food Pantry receives donations of canned goods and other non-perishable items from parishioners each week. Iglesia San Miguel is a Spanish-speaking Anglican congregation which runs this pantry from its Fort Worth location. They also accept clothing and furniture.

Union Gospel Mission. Our annual Thanksgiving Collection feeds those in need through the generous donations of our parishioners.

We plan to add more avenues for helping others outside the walls of the Church of the Holy Apostles.