Organizations & Guilds

Organizations & Guilds
Arts & Architecture Commission exists to enhance worship by helping to ensure that the art and architecture of the church maintain a consistent aesthetic that honors and glorifies God. Check with Ann Heinz or Fr. Joel if you are interested in the work of this commission.

HALOs are the Holy Apostles Ladies’ Organization, recently reorganized to meet the needs of the women of the parish for fellowship, Bible study and service. A new ministry of the group is Tea and Sympathy, focusing on parishioners who are hospitalized. Plans for the future include serving outside the parish with established local organizations as well as renovating the ladies’ room adjoining the Parish Hall.
HAMs are the Holy Apostles Men, who see to the physical needs of the church, including building maintenance, yard work, tree trimming, landscaping, etc. They also host our church picnics in the spring and fall, provide supplies, cook and serve the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner, and get together for a fellowship breakfast meeting once each month.
HAYs are the Holy Apostles Youth, open to anyone in grades 7-12 and friends. The focus is on fun, fellowship and spiritual growth of our young people.
Parish Life Commission is the group responsible for planning events for the Parish such as the Newcomers’ Dinner with the Vestry, receptions for special days such as Christmas Eve and Easter among others, and receptions following funerals. This team currently meets prior to the the HALOs meetings.

The Rosary Chapter at Holy Apostles meets once a month prior to the Mass for Our Lady of Walsingham. Each month's parish newsletter includes an article which gives explanation of one of the Mysteries we use when praying the rosary, or a description of its history, or a glimpse into the some of the reasons we honor the Mother of our Lord.

St. Margaret’s Guild is the needlepoint guild of the parish, whose purpose is to help beautify the church. The guild is currently stitching new acolyte kneelers for the sanctuary, which are designed with representations of each of the twelve Apostles. Contact Dehn Wilson for more information about sponsoring a kneeler or your willingness to stitch one!
Telephone Calling Committee is a group of parishioners who make phone calls to other members of the parish to alert them of important news or remind them of upcoming events in the parish. Contact the parish office to be added to the calling list.